Welcome to SAFE RANCH
Providing Homes for the Homeless

Spectrum of the Arts Foundation's SAFE Ranch provides permanent homes for the homeless within a healthy nurturing environment conducive to assist in the healing process. SAFE Ranch is a sustainable and productive learning community that embraces the Arts, Agriculture, and Education. Our SAFE Ranch agricultural property and the on-site art studios provide economic opportunities and job creation. 

 The effects of urbanization upon our society has brought an increase in Stress and Anxiety disorders that often result in addiction. Prolonged stressful conditions of city life and demands effects our health and our relationships.

 Urbanization has  increased our stress levels as we struggle to survive and provide for our families. Stressful conditions and the ever increasing cost of living has resulted in an increase of homelessness and addiction. SAFE Ranch provides a healthy environment to give roots and support systems that nurture growth towards self sustainability.

 SAFE Ranch is not an urbanized low income housing development. SAFE Ranch believes in the vital importance of Organic Farms, rather than an urbanized low income housing development.

 No Farms No Food. SAFE Ranch aims to sustain in a healthy nurturing environment that provides nutritional organic food; grown on-site free from G.M.O. additives and the processed foods found in the urbanized grocery stores. Nutrition is a vital key to health and optimum brain cognition performance. 

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