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Providing Homes for the Homeless

The SAFE RANCH Approach Provides Permanent Homes and Continued Supportive Services

within a Therapeutic Environment.

The high proportion of homelessness in our communities and among our medical clients has necessitated focused attention on the importance of providing housing for people with COD

and of integrating housing into treatment.

​Mental Health issues and substance abuse generally impede success and disqualifies clients from public housing in the community. 

Approaches vary from those that provide specified services, temporary shelters, or temporary recovery homes.

Some provide temporary housing at the point of entry into the service system combined with case management and supportive services (Tsemberis and Asmussen 1999), and those that provide temporary housing as a part of a continuing care strategy that combines

temporary housing and continuing care services (Sacks et al. 1998a, 2003a). 

The SAFE RANCH Approach provides a permanent and comprehensive holistic integration within the continuum of care. Empirical Evidence for the benefits of ensuring continuity of care comes from multiple sources. It is of vial important to set up systems that prevent gaps between service system levels and between clinic-based services and those outside the clinic. The SAFE RANCH Approach achieves the ideal in a clinical and comprehensive integrated service delivery system; while maintaining a personable welcoming home environment.